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Kurberg Pipar Chilli Vodka – Flavored Vodka


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Kurberg Pipar Chilli Vodka - Estonian Spirit Ltd - feinster Vodka - jetzt bei Magellan Spirits & Wine

Kurberg Pipar Chilli Vodka – Flavored Vodka aus Estland

Kurberg Pipar Chilli Vodka. The production of pure vodka developed in Estonia for centuries, and always went hand in hand with the preparation of vodka flavoured with plants and berries. Naturally, smaller quantities of these special vodkas were made – to be savoured at home, offered to guests or to help banish the cold and dampness. Pharmacist Jakob Kurberg, who also established the Moe Fine Spirit Distillery in 1886, was a master of this art. The master distillers at the Moe Fine Vodka Distillery have selected two recipes for producing small batches of handcrafted flavoured vodka. Chilli vodka is made exclusively from local Estonian ingredients. 

Kurberg Pipar Chilli Vodka

Hand-crafted, small-batch vodka with a triple-strength infusion of cayenne pepper (lat. Capsicum annuum). An authentic sipping vodka that reflects personal attention and care, as well as the uniqueness of its raw ingredients.

A few tips on how to enjoy your Chilli vodka:
• straight in a shot glass:  4 cl at +15 C
• as a Bloody Mary  in a highball glass: 4 cl with 20 cl of premium tomato juice; 2 lemon slices, ice cubes and a celery stick
• Only 90 kcal in each standard drink – no fats, no carbs.
Estonian Spirit Ltd. restores passion and integrity to the art of vodka. We reveal the handcrafting secrets that have been hidden for centuries in the characteristics of the grain. We are precisely and good spiritedly carrying on the versatile traditions of Estonian vodka production. And we are doing it at the world’s second oldest vodka distiller, the Moe Fine Spirit Distillery, which was established in 1688, during the reign of King Charles XI of Sweden.


Weiter Produkte der Moe Fine Spirit Distillery

Zusätzliche Information

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Moe Fine Spirit Distillery: Moe village 45005, Tapa parish, Estonia
Head office: Merivälja tee 5-W409, Tallin 11911
Tel: +372 6300980
Fax: +372 6300981

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200 ml

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PAN-Baltic Trading & Marketing GmbH, Holmer Str. 77, 22880 Wedel Tel.: 01712311423




Abgabe von alkoholhaltigen Produkten nur an Personen über 18 Jahren !!!


Kann Spuren von Sulfiden, Gluten, Ei enthalten


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